Ronnie Scott's Rejects

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the band based
The band is based in London, Herts and Kent so prices are quoted for travel from here.
What is the line up?
The band is able to perform in various sizes. The 5, 6 and 7 piece band is recommended for most parties, functions and weddings. To Top
We have limited space for the band. Is this an issue?
RSR prefer a large stage for any event, but are used to playing in extremely small spaces. This doesn't affect the performance, we just bring in much less PA equipment and 'bunch up'. If necessary, we can scale band down to a 4 piece although 5 piece is the recommended smallest band. Any less wouldn't be danceable as it would not include the drummer.
How long will the band play?
The band usually play up to 2 x 1 hour sets at most events. This can be shortened for larger corporate events when working alongside a DJ. Recommended start times for each set are approximately 9pm and 10.30pm at the earliest.
We would like live music from 8pm 'til 1am. Is this possible and if not, why not?
RSR play a maximum of 2 x 1 hour sets as a 5, 6 and 7 piece band. A larger larger band with additional lead singers would facilitate longer playing times. The band's sets have been carefully selected and 'gigged' over many years. The end of the band's performance culminates into a musical frenzy with audience participation, full-on instrumentals and hair raising vocal performances.

This feels like a full work-out for the band calling upon over 20 years of experience per musician. Playing longer would detract from this. There are bands out there who play for longer, but quantity doesn't always mean quality.To Top
Set-up: times and noise?
The band's sound engineer and all sound equipment usually arrives 2 hours before guests arrive for reception drinks. This can be later if guests are seated in a different area to where band will perform. For corporate parties and weddings, the band strongly advise playing in the same room as the bar as this is where guests usually congregate. The sound engineer will be able to play any background cd music before the band play ie dj isn't generally required.

Will the band make much noise whilst setting up and sound checking?

The band don't generally need to make any noise whilst setting up when using their own PA and sound engineer as we use a state of the art digital mixing desk (saving previous settings from another event) and use in-ear monitoring as seen on all TV live performances.

Background music: Do we need a DJ as well? Ipod / CD during intervals?
If the night is ending at midnight, a separate DJ isn't generally required. The fee quoted includes any Dj-ing required from 7.30pm, between band sets and til midnight. Further Dj-ing can be arranged at an additional fee.
First dance. What do you suggest about 1st dance? Will the band learn a song?
The band play a number of songs that are appropriate for a first dance. These are listed on our SET LISTS - REPERTOIRE. If you have a specific song you would like, then please mention to us as there is a chance that we know it already, or it would be easy to learn.

The band can't promise to learn any song as some pop songs need a few rehearsals before playing and may not stylistically be suited to the band's line-up. Alternatively, you can email an mp3 of the song prior to wedding and the band will play through laptop/ipod/cd.To Top

Dance lessons. My partner has 2 left feet on the dancefloor. We really want to make an effort learning a 1st dance routine for our wedding. Any suggestions?
Niall from the band teaches Lindy Hop which is 1940s partner swing-dancing. He may be able to help or suggest other teachers who live locally to you for a few lessons prior to the big day. Other styles include: Jive, Swing, Ballroom and Latin
Public gigs. Is it possible to see the band before we commit?
RSR play at a small number of public events throughout the year which may not represent what the band play at parties and weddings. You can watch the band in action at these public gigs and get an idea of the quality of music which will be mainly a mix of jazz, swing, latin and funk. The recent video along with the audio sections on the website will give a clear representation of what we play at parties and weddings.
Why Ronnie Scott's Rejects?
RSR are a professional band who make a living out of playing and recording music. We are totally committed to making every event exactly what the client wants...and more. Not only will the band guarantee a full dancefloor, we aim to deliver something special regarding music choice, band's appearance, quality of musicianship, delivery of songs (we're not just a covers band), along with 'just being professional' on the night. The band's extremely high level of service leading up to and during the event is paramount for every booking.
We have had a lower quote from another band, why should we pay a higher price for your band?
RSR are a professional band which means we make our living from music. There are many bands who play music part time or semi-professionally who may be able to quote a lesser price. Although these bands may be very good, they may not be able to pay attention to detail such as early arrival, a quality PA/sound system and sound engineer, lighting, recorded music between sets and at the end, adapt to set changes and time changes, have Public liability insurance, PAT tested equipment and generally be available to chat through anything.

Although paying extra doesn't guarantee a great band, it is fair to say that 'you get what you pay for' in this industry.
Repertoire. What will the band play?
For drinks reception the band can play classy, sophisticated swing and jazz lounge music. A comprehensive list is available on this site under 'Repertoire'. There is a sample 2 x 1 hour set list for a party or wedding. This is a mix of swing, pop, funk and soul and can be adapted to preferred tastes.
PA. Will the band supply all PA equipment needed? What about lighting?
Yes, the band will bring a state of the art HK sound system along with 24 channel mixing desk and Seinheiser wireless in-ear monitoring. A quote from the band includes a system adequate for events up to 250 people on a dancefloor along with basic stage lighting (6 x par 64 LED stage lights). A larger PA can be arranged easily on request. Prices quoted include a sound engineer who will monitor sound levels, mix the front of house sound and generally take care of any sound and stage issues.To Top
A microphone for speeches is required earlier in the afternoon. Does this cost anything?
A microphone can be supplied for speeches at no extra charge if using the same PA as the band. Alternatively, the band can supply an addition PA for speeches in a separate room to the band. Please specify when making an enquiry.
What do I provide for the band?
  1. A 3m x 5m stage area which needs to be completely level so that equipment doesn't fall over. This doesn't need to be a raised stage, although it helps to be seen better. Please ensure a marquee stage area is as level as possible so drums don't fall over.
  2. The band usually request some refreshments which can be mineral water (sparkling and still). Dinner or a small food allowance may be requested if an early set-up has been arranged. This may be a £15 per person supplement for 3 people.
  3. A room to change, eat and generally 'hang out in' can be ideal for the band, if there is one available. Not a problem if not.
Do I need to feed the band?
Generally no dinner needed unless a great distance has been travelled. The band know how costly it would be to feed 6 or 7 band members at a wedding, and therefore suggest a small dinner allowance for each band member/crew when there is an early afternoon arrival. This is usually an additional £15 per person to eat at a local pub/restaurant for 2 or 3 people.To Top

Do you have a PAT test for your equipment?
Do you have public liability insurance?
Yes, up to £5m
The venue has requested a 'method statement' or 'risk assessment'. Can you arrange this?
Yes. Certain venues request these such as The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum in connection with insurance. There may be a small charge for this if a band member is required to attend a site meeting.
What insurance do you have against illness etc? Will you cancel playing at my wedding last minute if someone in the band is ill?
RSR pride themselves on never canceling a performance. There has been a few occasions where the line-up has slightly changed due to a member of the band having to drop out due to commitments with touring bands or TV commitments. This is why there is adequate cover and backup listed under 'band members, see other artists we work with'.

Likewise, if a singer is ill there are other very professional singers with whom we work either at gigs or in the studio. RSR have 2 singers on each gig, never has both been ill. Other non-singing musicians in RSR still perform when ill. ie we will never cancel due to illness. If the whole band were unable to perform at very short notice due to any reason, Niall has access to many other bands whom he has booked/acted as an agent since 1997. RSR also has a 'sister' band doing a similar thing called 'The Liberations'.
The venue has a sound limiter fitted. How does this effect things?
Some venues have had sound limiters fitted because of noise complaints from neighbours or hotel residents. It monitors noise level, and when noise has reached a peak (usually set at around 90db), the electricity to the stage is cut off for 10 seconds. This isn't ideal for any band as it interrupts the set whilst building momentum, but RSR are used to working with these. It helps immensely that RSR use in-ear monitoring which cuts down on-stage volume. In fact, the only thing you hear on stage are the acoustic drums and saxophone. Our sound engineer is then able to adjust front of house levels to combat the sound limiter.To Top
My friend plays in a band and I would like them to be involved on stage with the band at my party. Is this possible?
A definite yes. We can email live versions of us playing so anyone guesting with the band can prepare. This is always good fun.
What is the booking process?
  1. Give Niall a call 07976 877 358 or send an email through the website 'making an enquiry'. We will give you a quote and check availability. We will provisionally hold date for you ie if anything else comes in for RSR, we will let you know.
  2. Listen to band either from website, request a cd to be sent to you, or come to a gig.
  3. When you are happy to confirm and a fee has been agreed, a ten minute phone conversation with Niall will outline all the details to put on a contract such as times, place and fee.
  4. Niall will email a contract to you with the above agreed details and with a digital signature. This will outline terms of payment, usually collecting payment upon completion, and if a deposit is required. Details of how to pay a deposit will be on the contract.
  5. Print, sign and return contract by post (if you are agree to all details).
  6. There are usually a few emails, phone conversations before event to do final checks.
  7. Band turn up ready to make a party...a party!
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