Ronnie Scott's Rejects


Cds for sale

The band's cd is complete and is available through

It features original jazz compositions by the band along with original takes on old swing classics. The band name has changed to 'The Rag and Bone Club' in connection with promoting the album.

'Ronnie Scott's Rejects' will continue to take bookings for private events (weddings and corporate parties) and 'The Rag and Bone Club' will take bookings for jazz clubs, festivals etc.
Listen to clips from the 'Rag And Bone Club' latest album here

Meeting Ronnie Scott

Niall, Andy and Stephen have had the pleasure of meeting Ronnie Scott only the once before his death on 23 dec 1996. After apologies from the humble 19 year old students for using the name of such a prestigious international jazz venue, the modern jazz tenor saxophonist took the time to write the band a letter:

"I don't know who told you that I was upset about the name of your band. I think it's an excellent name but I must insist on ten percent of your earnings over £1.5 million per annum. Best wishes, Ronnie Scott"